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Anti Microbial AC And HVAC Filter

Anti-Microbial AC and HVAC Filter are the fibrous equipments that are designed and developed by using best quality materials with dense meshing to remove the airborne particles such as dust, microbes, small solids and other minor particulates for the efficient cleaning of the inlet air which is drawn forcefully to run a heat ventilation and air-conditioning system. Anti-Microbial AC and HVAC Filter enhances the efficiency and the increases the service life of the machine components such as compressor, evaporator, throttle valve etc. installed within the unit. These are reusable by simply cleaning them with the pressurized air blow.
Product Image (Viro Wipe CF01)

Anti-Microbial And Particulate Cabin AC Filter

ParsvnathTechnologies has developed a solution for Cabin Filter based on nanotechnology, that have proved to be effective against coronavirus. •99.95% elimination of virus within 5 minutes of contact (Coronavirus, Influenza, Avian flu, Swine flu) •Eliminates virus and bacteria, not just trap them •Non-leaching, Non-migrating, Non-metallic